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The National Videogame Arcade (A Critical Twits Day Out #2)

This month's episode of A Critical Twits Day Out sees Aaron and Wife of Twit visiting the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. Join them for an inside look into what to expect at this interactive museum. Or just watch for…

The Best Doggos In Malifaux (Critical Twits Podcast #99)

Aaron and Brian explore the best doggos in Malifaux - which hound, pooch, wolf, canid or canine will top our poll? We also share our best dog stories.

Far Cry 5 – The Redubbening – Episode 1

Following an audio disaster during recording, The Twits were left with hours of game footage with no hilarious running commentary. But an idea struck them, The Redubbening. This episode has Aaron and Wife of Twit poking fun at the intro…

Critical Twits Podcast ep 98: Snowpiercer (Twitflix)

This week sees Aaron and Brian discuss the surprisingly hard to source film, Snowpiercer. A film about the last of humanity surviving on a train in a post-apocalyptic wintery wasteland. Just the sort of thing to watch during Spring. Will…

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