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Tokyo 42 – Indie Game First Impressions – A Syndicate Of Tiny Lego Cyperpunk Hitmen

Tokyo 42 is a cute indie video game of cyberpunk violence and assassination. Brian and Aaron play the opening hour or so and give you their first impressions.

Insert Twits (Podcast #81) – Stories Untold, Tokyo 42, Mother Russia Bleeds, Persona 5

This week we return to our video games coverage. We give our review of Stories Untold alongside our first impressions of Tokyo 42, Mother Russia Bleeds and Persona 5. All of which we have playthroughs of! Have a listen and…

Let’s Play Persona 5 – Episodes 1-4

Here's the round-up of the first four episodes of our Twitch coverage of Persona 5, the Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) of high-school kids facing (and taming) their inner demons, stealing treasure and teaching evil adults a thing or two. We…

Paranoia RPG 2017: Unboxing Red Clearance Boxset, Forms Pack, and Interactive Screen

This week, we cautiously open the latest edition of Paranoia. Do we risk being branded as traitors and disapprove or be good little troubleshooters and praise the game and everything it stands for? Warning: Although efforts have been taken to…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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