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Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover Edition Unboxing/Flick-Through

This week Brian and Aaron explore the recent updated Curse of the Crimson Throne, a Pathfinder Adventure Path. Will it feel like a true hero's adventure or truly a curse? Special thanks to Telaron of Open Game Art for "Prologue".…

Mutant: Mechatron RPG Alpha Preview (Critical Twits Podcast Ep 79)

This week we received the Alpha preview of Mutant: Mechatron, the latest expansion in Fria Ligan's Mutant: Year Zero RPG series. Brian and Joe inform Aaron on character creation, gameplay, plot potential and comparisons to the rest of the series.…

77 – Agent November Escape Rooms and Undead Escapes Zombie Run Interview

We caught up with Agent November at the UK Games Expo to get top secret information about his escape room-style games and the Undead Escape zombie run. We had a great time and got a really interesting behind-the-scenes peek at…

78 – Netrunner Community Interviews – Ben Ni aka Beyoken and Tristan Von Zahn

Joe talks Netrunner with Ben Ni, aka Beyoken, World Championship Runner-Up and YouTuber extraordinaire, and Tristan Von Zahn, who took fourth place at the European Championships and has been a brilliant ambassador for the South African Netrunner meta. Find Beyoken's…

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