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The Pandemic Epidemic – Pandemic, Expansions, Contagion, Legacy, and Cthulhu (Critical Twits Podcast #64)

This week we look at the Pandemic Epidemic – the modern classic board game of disease control now has three expansions and five spin-offs. We take a close look at Pandemic itself, On the Brink, In the Lab, The Cure,…

Nioh – What is it? Is it any good? First impressions review (Podcast #63)

This week Joe and Brian examine Nioh, the Playstation 4-exclusive action-rpg from Team Ninja. Is it just another reskinned Dark Souls clone, or is there something special lurking within? Join us to find out.  

Netrunner Noobs – Our First Store Championship (Podcast #62)

Run is successful! We've made it to Brian and Aaron's competitive showdown - but only one can walk away as the new Critical Twits Netrunner champion. Which one of them will be victorious? Many thanks to the Hobbit Hole for…

Monopoly Played Properly – Is It Any Good?

Monopoly has a terrible reputation, but is it deserved? Over Christmas we discovered we'd all been playing Monopoly wrong. Auctions? Even builds? It sounded like madness, but for you dear viewer, we endeavored to give it a try. Watch the…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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