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Gloom First Impressions – A Lovecraftian Roguelike Side-Scrolling Thing. From Beyond!

Brian plays indie roguelike Gloom, a shadowy Lovecraftian take on the genre with a hint of the Souls-like. Brian's short story The Hanging Tree is no longer free, but you can grab it cheap here:

LocalHost Full Playthrough – Is deleting an AI technically murder?

Localhost is an indie game about artificial intelligences, the singularity, and the sheer pant-soiling terror of starting a new job and slowly realising that it involves you technically committing murder, something we can all identify with. Also, it's good. Buy…

The Sprawl Cyberpunk RPG: A Review (Critical Twits Podcast #85)

This week Brian and Aaron review cyberpunk RPG, The Sprawl. Hear tales of Neo-London, its corporations and the actual review itself. Enjoy, slick eaters.

Netrunner Rotation: A Noob’s Perspective (Critical Twits Podcast #84)

This week Aaron and Brian jump back into Netrunner, only to discover some of their favorite and most loathed cards are disappearing. Join them in their bandwagon-like discussion of the consequences of rotation and what it means to new players.…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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The Critical Twits is a gaming podcast founded in 2015. We currently release a weekly podcast with a rolling schedule of Roleplaying, Malifaux, Netrunner and Boardgames. We also occasionally cover video games with Let's Plays and the retro Test of Time series.