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Podcast Episode 2: Post-Apocalypse Special

In which we fall out over Fallout, rage about Rage, and lose the thread on Threads. Mutant: Year Zero from Modiphius Press, a post-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying game that, quite frankly, we love. Also featuring hipster zombie survival tips, shambling asthmatics,…

Podcast Episode 1: Playstation Plus

Welcome to the first episode of the Critical Twits Gaming Podcast, wherein we discuss the virtues and vices of Playstation Plus. Rocket League, Lara Croft 2, Super Time Force Ultra, pun denial, inappropriate defecation locations and the Star Wars School…

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The Critical Twits is a gaming podcast founded in 2015. We currently release a weekly podcast with a rolling schedule of Roleplaying, Malifaux, Netrunner and Boardgames. We also occasionally cover video games with Let's Plays and the retro Test of Time series.