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Our First Malifaux Tournament – Monthly Malifaux (Podcast #83)

The podcast is here! This week we give our thoughts on our very first Malifaux tournament, with timed matches and rules and everything! Listen to Aaron's excuses, Brian's glory and some stark warnings about Green Stuff.

Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle – (Test of Time Let’s Play and Review)

We play Alex Kidd: In The Enchanted Castle, a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis classic first released in Japan in 1989.

Full Let’s Play – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Join us as we play through the entirety of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a harrowing trip through both the realm of Hel and the darkness within its mentally ill protagonist, Senua. The game takes a long, hard look at psychosis while…

Twitflix Podcast: Ghost In The Shell ’95 vs ’17 – Same Name, Different Genre?

Beware: SPOILERS ABOUND! This week we try something a little different and discuss a couple of films - Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Ghost in the Shell (2017). We talk cyberpunk, hard versus soft science fiction, transcendentalism, whitewashing, and…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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The Critical Twits is a gaming podcast founded in 2015. We currently release a weekly podcast with a rolling schedule of Roleplaying, Malifaux, Netrunner and Boardgames. We also occasionally cover video games with Let's Plays and the retro Test of Time series.