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Podcast 71 – We preview the UK Games Expo 2017

The UK Games Expo is back! We've had a blast there the last couple of years, so we share what we're going to be up to and what we're looking forward to.

Dark Souls The Board Game Unboxing

We unbox the most successful board game Kickstarter of all time, Dark Souls: The Board Game. Is it as praiseworthy in its presentation as the Sun, or is it more a case of wishing we'd died? Brian's interview with the…

Noobs’ Guide to Terminal Directive (Spoiler Free) – Critical Twits Podcast #70

So, what is Terminal Directive, and how does it work? This week we discuss, spoiler free, the new FFG legacy card game, Terminal Directive. Our Netrunner noob, Aaron, poses the rest of the group questions about how the game functions…

Dead Cells First Impressions – Steam Early Access Metroidvania Roguelike Thang

Hi all! First in a brand new series looking at indie games - we're determined to find the latest and greatest games that lurk off of the well-worn, rather boring AAA track. We're looking at Dead Cells, a Metroidvania-style roguelike…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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