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Monopoly Played Properly – Is It Any Good?

Monopoly has a terrible reputation, but is it deserved? Over Christmas we discovered we'd all been playing Monopoly wrong. Auctions? Even builds? It sounded like madness, but for you dear viewer, we endeavored to give it a try. Watch the…

RPG Basics – Party Building For Better Games (Critical Twits Podcast #61)

Party building is an important but oft-overlooked part of tabletop role play games - find out how to link your characters to maximise your fun at the RPG table with this week's episode!

Monthly Malifaux – Gaining Grounds 2017 and Crewfaux (Critical Twits Podcast #60)

Aaron, Joe and Brian are back with our monthly Malifaux feature! This month we talk about Malifaux’s Gaining Grounds 2017 update – are the new strategies and schemes fun to play? We also discuss our love of Malifaux gaming app…

Critical Twits preview the Elite: Dangerous RPG

Hello, and welcome! Last month we were lucky enough to visit Spidermind Games ahead of their Elite: Dangerous RPG Kickstarter. We recorded five (!) videos, all of which you can find below. Elite: Dangerous is a video game of space…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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