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Let’s Play Stories Untold 1/4: The House Abandon – Stranger Things The Text Adventure

Stories Untold is an innovative indie horror anthology game from No Code, published by Devolver Digital. It's kind of a text adventure but not, with clever puzzles, tense atmosphere, and an 80s retro feel. Join us as we enter The…

UK Games Expo Crowdfunding Interviews – 12 Realms, Dead Throne, Dized, and Game On (CT Podcast 73)

This week, following the Twits excursion to the UK Games Expo, we bring to you a collection of interviews related to board game crowdfunding, including current Kickstarter games 12 Realms Dungeonland and Dead Throne, Indiegogo-based tutorial and teaching app Dized,…

Podcast 72 – 5 Great One Shot and Filler RPGs

We look at 5 great one shot and filler RPGs to play between campaigns - The Quiet Year, Fiasco, Paranoia, Goblin Quest, and The Sprawl!

Unboxing Oligachy: A Dystopian Card Game

Join Brian and Aaron as they unbox Kickstarter success, Oligarchy. A collectable card game set in a dystopian future. Will it impress them enough to subscribe to their new overlords ideology or cause them to begin a futile rebellion?

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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