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Steam Greenlight – Stak Bots Breakout Review & Exclusive Interview With Dogeared Games

Stak Bots is a card game based on battling robots - and the PC version is available now on Steam Greenlight. We review the video game version and talk to Tom, the designer at Dogeared Games responsible for the game,…

Dragonmeet 2016 – Elite Dangerous RPG, SLA Industries, Star Trek Adventures & more! (Podcast #54)

On this week's episode we head to London for Modiphius Entertainment's Dragonmeet Gaming Convention, where we learn all about several new and updated RPGs, including SLA Industries, Star Trek Adventures and the Elite Dangerous Roleplaying Game. We interview the minds…

Podcast 53 – We Preview The World!

This month we bring you the latest in board gaming news – we preview the Dragonmeet Convention, Games Workshop’s return to board gaming with Blood Bowl and Space Hulk, AEG’s Pretense and Light and Dark, the Through the Loop RPG…

Netrunner Campaign Expansion Announced – Terminal Directive

Ever since keen-eyed Netrunner fans spotted a mysterious, unannounced product in the release line-up, between Quorum and the first pack of the Red Sands Cycle, we have waited impatiently to find out what Fantasy Flight were going to slip into…

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