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Burst of the Worst – Sub-Par Masters Tournament – Monthly Malifaux (Critical Twits Podcast #88)

This week we report back from our latest self-enforced tournament, Burst of the Worst. Based on a poll run by Huzzah Hobbies, this tournament got us to play Masters commonly considered to be the worst. Are they really so bad…

Most Wanted List 2.0 – To ban or not to ban, and what is restricted? Netrunner Noobs/CT Podcast #87

We discuss the new Most Wanted List (MWL) 2.0, and what it means for Netrunner players new and old. Do we agree with banning cards, especially cards that are so young and had their whole lives ahead of them?…

Netrunner Core 2.0 – Netrunner Noobs Reloaded (Critical Twits Podcast #86)

This week Brian and Aaron discuss the recently announced Core 2.0 starter box redux for Netrunner. Listen to us lament the already out of date previous Netrunner podcast, what the reintroduction of lost cards means for the meta, and what…

Gloom First Impressions – A Lovecraftian Roguelike Side-Scrolling Thing. From Beyond!

Brian plays indie roguelike Gloom, a shadowy Lovecraftian take on the genre with a hint of the Souls-like. Brian's short story The Hanging Tree is no longer free, but you can grab it cheap here:

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