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Tales From the Loop RPG Kickstarter Unboxing – Stranger Things meets Stephen King via The Goonies

Today we examine the results of the Tales From The Loop Kickstarter, a tabletop RPG in the vein of Stranger Things, Stephen King, and the Goonies. Does it look like an 80's classic or straight to VHS flop? Get the…

75 – Fallout Wasteland Warfare and Star Trek Adventures Interview with Modiphius

We spoke to Modiphius's Chris Birch at the UK Games Expo about their new Star Trek: Adventures roleplaying game, upcoming miniatures game, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and chatted about the origins of one of the fastest-growing tabletop gaming publishers in the…

Let’s Play Stories Untold 2/4: The Lab Conduct – Sinister Science Experiments FTW

Stories Untold is an innovative indie horror anthology game from No Code, published by Devolver Digital. Stuff starts to get seriously weird as we enter the Sci Fi themed second episode, The Lab Conduct.

74 – Netrunner Euros Interviews – Run Last Click, Teamwork Cast, Dan D’Argenio & Kenny Deakins

Welcome to the first of several podcasts covering the Netrunner European Campionships 2017, held 2nd-4th June 2017 at the UK Games Expo. Roving reporter Joe brings you interviews, anecdotes, and tips from scene luminaries Run Last Click, Teamwork Cast, Dan…

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Critical Writer, Editor and Host
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