Critical Twits preview the Elite: Dangerous RPG

Hello, and welcome! Last month we were lucky enough to visit Spidermind Games ahead of their Elite: Dangerous RPG Kickstarter. We recorded five (!) videos, all of which you can find below.

Elite: Dangerous is a video game of space combat, space exploration, space trading, and, er, other things to do with space. It’s an update of seminal 80s classic Elite, and provides a huge and brutal sandbox for players to explore, conquer, and die in. The RPG aims to do the same in the tabletop sphere, and we had a blast playtesting it and picking the minds of its creators.

First, we played the scenario “The Worst Intentions”, playing intergalactic narcotics agents getting involved with a killer new drug. Each episode focusses on one aspect of the game’s combat system, namely space combat, personal combat, and vehicle combat.

We also have two interviews, one with Lead Writer Oliver Hulme, and one with Producer Jon Lunn

If you enjoyed those videos, consider backing the game here: